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Matt & LeighAnn the wedding that almost wasn’t

Matt & LeighAnn a fun Couple came home from Colorado for their wedding day in lakeside michigan. It just so happens most of the power was knocked out and trees and power lines were down everywhere. The guys spent the morning helping to clean the Country club grounds because the storm just left everything a mess. Shockingly it turned out to be really nice out the day of the wedding! Generators were brought in byt the DJ and the Chikiming Country Club grilled all the food, it turned out amazing!!! I started with the girls at the hair salon and went from there. I got choked up looking at how beautiful the images look today and that we remain friends to this day!

Click here to see Matt & LeighAnn’s online gallery


Brandon and Sara @ Tunnel Park and Holland State Park

I have taken more wedding images I have shot and applied special edits. I’d like to get a feel for if people like these new styles. I usually offer regular color images and a bunch of black and whites to my brides but if a bride wanted everything in these new styles i could do that too. The gallery is here:

Brandon and Sara’s sample photo Gallery

The reception was at:

Yacht Basin Conference Center 

Some of my main camera tools for shooting weddings

Some of you won’t take much interest in this one but here are some my tools to capture sharp high quality images for you. It was taken with a pocket camera so don’t expect too much as for quality.
Left to right
2-430exII flashes
2-580Ex II flashes
Pocket Wizard Flex TT5-Canon TTL flash trigger system
Canon EF 15mm F/2.8 Fisheye Lens (Red cap) (no longer made as of 2011, great lens!)
Canon EF 70-200 F/2.8L IS II Lens (Grey one)
Canon EF 24-70 F/2.8L USM Lens
Canon 50 F1.2 L Lens

Now right to left
Canon Eos 5D
Canon EOS 5D Mark III (Brand New camera in the middle)
Canon EOS 1D Mark III (large on in the middle)
There are studio flashes and a bunch of other stuff but that wouldn’t be fun to get in the picture. 🙂
I use Sanyo Eneloop Batteries for all my flashes but Powerex batteries are awesome too!
I use a Sekonic L-358 light meter for studio and photo booth setups.
For carrying my cameras i got away from all the supposed best camera straps out there and went with a spiderpro belt system which allows me to securely hook my cameras to my waist, it’s way better than choking myself with camera straps as i move around. I usually have two cameras at all times.

I use a big rolling Pelican Case 1610 to haul my stuff to and fro.

Greg and Sarah’s wedding at Thornapple Creek Golf Course

Greg and Sarah’s wedding and reception took place at the Thornapple Creek Golf Club, it is a very scenic location! There are golf carts to take the wedding party out for a photo cruise where you can find many interesting and scenic views for your wedding party photos.
  Thornapple Creek Golf Club   (6415 West F Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI)
To see a gallery of images check them out here:  Greg and Sarah’s Photo Gallery  

Seldom thought about parts of a wedding day

When you discuss the flow of the day you begin to see the things that you maybe hadn’t given thought to.

There are some time killers in the flow of the day.

One that i always bring up with my brides is what do you do after you are announced husband and wife. Many people do the stand issue stand in a line with the wedding party and shake hands. this forces people to stand in a line and one by one puts them in a face to face encounter with the wedding party, parents and bride and groom. While some people value this tradition what they don’t maybe think of is that the older people don’t like standing long periods of time. People don’t really know the wedding party too often. People get real wordy and try to give you an inspiring speech.

When things are done this way you could literally loose 1 1/2 hours to this kind of scenario. Do you really want to put people through that? Also do you have the time to use? Most of the time getting out and doing a photo walk before dinner at the reception is a short window of time especially if the drive between the two is 1/2 hr or more.

After the you are now husband an wife part i recommend walking out with your wedding party to a room. I would have the pastor tell people they are free to go to the reception. If you are walking through a tunnel of people outside the church then have people get their bubbles or flower petals on the way out and have them line up. Do the walk through get in the car and head around the block for a few. When you return we can get the family formals with both bride and groom in them and after that head out to do a photo walk. After all when you are at the reception you will ussually eat before anyone so you will be done and free to roam and visit with your guests until you are ready for your first dance.

I also recommend cutting the cake after you are announced at the reception. That way you already have everyone’s attention and you cut it up and by the time dinner is over the staff will have all the cake cut already. People are often busy with dinner and conversations when the cake is cut after dinner then there is the wait for the cake to be cut by the staff before you can get that and on with your evening.

Hair salon and getting ready shots are part of the story of your day, it adds something to your custom designed wedding albums.

I am a big fan of props! Some neat props are:

wine bottles and glasses


umbrellas solid colored (red is a nice bold color)

empty picture frames

letters spelling out your new last name

framed sunglasses for the guys or for both guys and girls

Bath robes

Golf club and ball

Thank you cards to hold up for your thank you photo on the cards you send out to your guests after your wedding.

It’s up to you but i am a big fan of the bride and groom taking ownership of their wedding day and having fun with it!

2010 Grand Rapids Bride Ad

Here is the image and wording that goes in the 2010/2011 Grand Rapids Bride ad.

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Doctors with Skills

I had a good experience at Total Health Chiropractic with Dr Christopher Miller Recently. He needed a head shot for his business and his news letters so I brought the studio to him saving him valuable time from having to schedule and do it at some studio. While setting things up Dr. Miller came in and introduced himself and showed me what he was up to with renovations around the place. He has a lot of plans having to do with massive amounts of coral and a huge water tank right at the entrance to the building. There are three special message chairs facing the tank on the other side. I imagine the future marine life that will be in the tank will serve to create a relaxing and enjoyable environment while in the chairs. Dr. Miller was a pretty good guy, there were lots of helpful staff and they took the time to put plaques up all around the building. In each Plaque was a picture of a person and their testimonies of how Dr. Miller and his colleague have taken peoples pain and gave them back their lives. They had some very specialized equipment to help deal with peoples messed up spines among other things and a machine that exercised 180 muscles along the spring to get things back to normal. I believe it is the only one in Michigan if i recall correctly. He is the guy to go to when back surgeries fail and no doubt a good Dr to see to prevent having to have back surgery. He shares the practice with another Dr working together to bring people back to health. The atmosphere there was like being among family. I would have no hesitation recommending him to anyone with back issues!