“From Images To Memories”

Philosophy, Marketing, Wedding Photography and Hiring a photographer

You know I have missed out on many potential clients because of missed connections, I have done many diff marketing things to boost public awareness of my brand and it has cost me a pretty penny at that. I guess I have myself to blame for not being a voice and providing images for people to view in blogs on a regular basis. I believe in the quality of my work and the passion i have for it but more importantly the goal has always been to provide my clients with images that aren’t dated or out of style but beautiful crisp colorful images that jump at you with life and soul. Thats what I set out to do and getting there is all about connecting with my clients on a personal level and doing my best to understand what they want and possibly offer things they haven’t considered. Developing that connection is something every bride should be looking for when hiring a photographer. Its def important the images the photographer shows you are top notch but its also really important that you feel some connection. Yes this is a business but its a business about romance, love, soul connections, these are some of the things that brought you to the point of saying yes to someone and these are the things your photographer should draw out of you for amazing lifestyle photos on your wedding day.
Please contact me I have some dates open in 2012. 😀

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