“From Images To Memories”

Seldom thought about parts of a wedding day

When you discuss the flow of the day you begin to see the things that you maybe hadn’t given thought to.

There are some time killers in the flow of the day.

One that i always bring up with my brides is what do you do after you are announced husband and wife. Many people do the stand issue stand in a line with the wedding party and shake hands. this forces people to stand in a line and one by one puts them in a face to face encounter with the wedding party, parents and bride and groom. While some people value this tradition what they don’t maybe think of is that the older people don’t like standing long periods of time. People don’t really know the wedding party too often. People get real wordy and try to give you an inspiring speech.

When things are done this way you could literally loose 1 1/2 hours to this kind of scenario. Do you really want to put people through that? Also do you have the time to use? Most of the time getting out and doing a photo walk before dinner at the reception is a short window of time especially if the drive between the two is 1/2 hr or more.

After the you are now husband an wife part i recommend walking out with your wedding party to a room. I would have the pastor tell people they are free to go to the reception. If you are walking through a tunnel of people outside the church then have people get their bubbles or flower petals on the way out and have them line up. Do the walk through get in the car and head around the block for a few. When you return we can get the family formals with both bride and groom in them and after that head out to do a photo walk. After all when you are at the reception you will ussually eat before anyone so you will be done and free to roam and visit with your guests until you are ready for your first dance.

I also recommend cutting the cake after you are announced at the reception. That way you already have everyone’s attention and you cut it up and by the time dinner is over the staff will have all the cake cut already. People are often busy with dinner and conversations when the cake is cut after dinner then there is the wait for the cake to be cut by the staff before you can get that and on with your evening.

Hair salon and getting ready shots are part of the story of your day, it adds something to your custom designed wedding albums.

I am a big fan of props! Some neat props are:

wine bottles and glasses


umbrellas solid colored (red is a nice bold color)

empty picture frames

letters spelling out your new last name

framed sunglasses for the guys or for both guys and girls

Bath robes

Golf club and ball

Thank you cards to hold up for your thank you photo on the cards you send out to your guests after your wedding.

It’s up to you but i am a big fan of the bride and groom taking ownership of their wedding day and having fun with it!


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