“From Images To Memories”

Doctors with Skills

I had a good experience at Total Health Chiropractic with Dr Christopher Miller Recently. He needed a head shot for his business and his news letters so I brought the studio to him saving him valuable time from having to schedule and do it at some studio. While setting things up Dr. Miller came in and introduced himself and showed me what he was up to with renovations around the place. He has a lot of plans having to do with massive amounts of coral and a huge water tank right at the entrance to the building. There are three special message chairs facing the tank on the other side. I imagine the future marine life that will be in the tank will serve to create a relaxing and enjoyable environment while in the chairs. Dr. Miller was a pretty good guy, there were lots of helpful staff and they took the time to put plaques up all around the building. In each Plaque was a picture of a person and their testimonies of how Dr. Miller and his colleague have taken peoples pain and gave them back their lives. They had some very specialized equipment to help deal with peoples messed up spines among other things and a machine that exercised 180 muscles along the spring to get things back to normal. I believe it is the only one in Michigan if i recall correctly. He is the guy to go to when back surgeries fail and no doubt a good Dr to see to prevent having to have back surgery. He shares the practice with another Dr working together to bring people back to health. The atmosphere there was like being among family. I would have no hesitation recommending him to anyone with back issues!


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